Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Kalahari Ozzie

Choosing the right name for your unborn child seems to be quite a task. Numerous name suggesting books, family members, colleagues, the local Pastor / Priest / Imam or even a clairvoyant is consulted. Some people opt for names of parents, beloved (or moneyed) family members, well liked actors, sports heroes or politicians. Popular names of the time, such as William, Kate, Julia and Tony are attractive. The more creative people choose to construct names by combining other names, a bit like word blending in an alphabetic Kenwood Chef. My parents went for the obvious in those days, the first born gets the names of the father’s father, so I became Stephanus Cecil Ritgert Barnard, in memory of my grandfather Cecil Barnard, the famous ivory hunter.

In all the years that I have been writing about my travels and observations, I never struggled with the name thing; as the writings were always send from my personal computer, under my name. Deciding to create a travel blog made me think about the name thing for the first time. Using my own name, although quite popular, felt a bit narcissistic. It took me quite some time, seeking advice through meditation, inspirational chanted messages, a few sips of Cabernet, reading other travel blogs and considering the latest action heroes and scandal ridden politicians. As I hope to reach my far-flung friends and family through my blog, keeping those interested up to date with my latest (and future) safaris, experiences and observations. “Kalahari Ozzie” was born, combining the beautiful place where I spend so many happy childhood days, the Kalahari Desert, and the Afrikaans version of a citizen from my new country, “Ozzie”. With the literal freedom afforded by writers, the name “Kalahari Ozzie” as a noun represent two places I love, and who I now am, an Australian by choice, who come from the Kalahari, and still love it.

The English only readers will find some stories posted a bit difficult to understand, fear not! It is not due to too many glasses of Claret, or a strange eye disease, it is written in Afrikaans, that beautiful modern language from Africa. The Afrikaans readers will have no problem reading English, we are all volkome tweetalig.

I am sure you will taste the dust, heat and coffee when you read my blogs. Feel free to leave comments as you go.

Go well

8 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Kalahari Ozzie

  1. Enjoy the journey Cecil – safe travels and we look forward to the photos and observations! Remember to hou links and eat my favourite brand of ice cream – Roomys.

  2. Wat kan ons se..? Jy het werklik ‘n gawe om te skryf en ek kan nie glo dat jy nie ‘n Joernalis geword het nie. Dit sou beide jou gawe en liefde om te reis volkome bevredig het en sou ‘n wonderlike opwindende prent geskilder het vir ons ander ouens wat te arm is om die reise mee te maak. So dankbaar dat jy tog die moiete doen en dink aan ons by die huis…Geseende reis!

  3. Ek sal jou dophou vanuit die kuberruimte. Onthou tog net al daardie oorlewingstruuks wat jy saam met moedersmelk ingekry het en mag jou reis voorspoedig, veilig en geweldig vreugdevol wees.

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